PD Wedding Films

Package Level 1- Now $1,000

- 2 Cameras - DSLR cameras filmed in HD. Both cameras operated. 

- Wireless Mics- Used for vows, readings and toasts to offer clean / crisp sound.

- Full Ceremony- Your entire ceremony is filmed and key moments are edited for the final version.

- Park / Location- After the ceremony at a nearby park or location with the bride, groom and bridal party.

- Reception Formalities- Includes cocktail hour, intros, cake cutting, toasts, first dance, parent dances and a few open dances.
- Edited- Edited 60-90 minutes with corrections. You choose the music. Editing is completed in a few weeks.

- Note: You may substitute 3-5 minute highlights for the 60-90 minute edited version.

- Raw Footage- For viewing purposes. Everything that was filmed, unedited and is watermarked 'unedited footage'. 

- 3 Blu-Rays- Chaptered and shipped to you anywhere in the US. You may substitute 3 edited DVDs for Blu-Rays.

Added 2.0 / 3.0 USB Drives $40 - Added Blu-Rays $40 - Added DVDs $25

Package prices and services subject to change and valid at time of booking.